Minecraft Tower Defence

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  • Description:
    • Minecraft Tower Defence Agame - This is a re-make of the game Onslaught Tower Defense, made to be less resource intensive and add new features such as achievements and coins. This games is not complete, but it is playable. Currently you can choose one of 9 maps in the yellow and blue squares, choose the number of waves, and begin playing. You can build 3 towers and they will proceed to attack enemies that come in waves of 10 until all waves are done. Click next wave when all the enemies from your current wave are on screen to advance to the next wave, or when the 20 seconds are up or when all the enemies have been killed. Clicking towers will allow you to select them, and from there upgrade damage, rate of fire, or range, or sell or move the turret. I'm working on having more achievements that unlock abilities, widen the store, and adding more towers. Anyways, it has now been decked out with minecraft themed towers, blocks, and everything else! We're going to be turning away from Onslaught to make our own, original, minecraft tower defense!
  • Instructions:
    • Use the mouse to place, upgrade, move, and sell towers, send next waves, select towers, start game, and really everything else.

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